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Bedfordshire Business Storage Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire

The Secure-Store offers business storage units for the Three Counties: Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We provide all types of commercial storage needs for companies, sole traders, partnerships, charities, online traders and tradesmen throughout Herts, Beds and Bucks. So why would you be interested? A number of reasons but primarily because:

  • Unlike typical commercial leases it is flexible. You can start whenever you like and need only give 7 days notice to leave
  • You can increase or decrease your business storage space whenever you like
  • There is no council tax, no utility bills and no service charges. Those annoyingly expensive little issues that letting agents ‘forget’ to mention
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Now most companies would try and get you to say ‘yes’. We want you to say ‘no’.

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Say NO to all those hidden business costs

  • No long lease as in most commercial property rental agreements
  • No 3 month rental deposit to a Landlord / tying up your valuable capital
  • No surveyors costs to check out the building
  • No costly building works to ‘repair and reinstate’ at the lease end
  • No lawyers fees to create a lease, sub-lease or change a rental agreement
  • No need to pay the bank’s lawyers fees, in addition, to add insult to injury
  • No rates bills at 30-40% of your rent
  • No electricity, gas, telephone or water bills
  • No need for buildings insurance
  • No ‘service charges’ that innocent sounding, but often so expensive phrase No fixed size space, with no flexibility to increase or reduce

We specialise in Bedfordshire business storage Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire business storage.

Business storage Bedfordshire

Why use self storage?

Mainly because it’s simply a cost effective way to have space whenever you need it. It is genuinely flexible commercial storage. You can stay or leave whenever you want. Or move up or down unit size to suit your business needs. Business storage in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire should be efficient. Forget visions of rusting storage containers, this is the 21st century solution. Individual rooms constructed with steel panelling and locked with your padlock. All rooms are also individually alarmed and all movements in & out electronically logged. At both our Hitchin / Letchworth commercial storage faclity and our Leighton Buzzard commercial storage warehouse we have a modern, clean, easily accessible alternative.

Bedfordshire business storage, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire business storage

Please also note we have lots of parking and turning space. We can easily accommodate articulated lorries at our Letchworth or Leighton Buzzard business storage facilities. Archive storage is also a specialty and attracts particularly attractive rates per archive box and we also have space for bulk or pallets storage.

We regularly take post, parcels and pallet deliveries on behalf of customers, meaning you have an alternative delivery address which is particularly useful if you are not going to be around that day yourself.

cheap self storage

and the other advantages of our Business Storage Deals?

  • Pay as you go & stay for as long as you wish, with a mere 7 days notice
  • All ‘rental’ fees paid in advance will be refunded on a ‘per day’ basis, there is no “use it, or lose it” here
  • A large variety of room sizes so that you can optimise your space requirements
  • Swap unit sizes, up or down, to suit your business needs and potentially save money
  • Immediate occupancy available
  • A large car park and turning area for cars, vans and even articulated lorries
  • Free use of trolleys, sack barrows, pallet trucks to shift your goods You lock your unit door with your own padlock and control which staff have access
  • Bulk and pallet storage areas available at highly competitive rates
  • All rooms are individually alarmed and entry & exit is electronically monitored
  • 7 day a week access
  • State of the art security: multiple colour CCTV cameras; NACOSS gold intruder and fire alarms
  • Disaster recovery planning / offsite storage
  • Confidential files ‘offsite’ and away from prying eyes
  • Confidential Mail boxes available Registered Co address available – keep your private address confidential


Space Optimisation

  • Optimise office space by converting areas currently filled with files, excess furniture, bulky office equipment
  • Increase valuable retail space by relocating excess stock, pre-sales build up, post-sales redundant stock
  • File storage Hertfordshire. File storage Bedfordshire. File storage Buckinghamshire
  • Herts temporary storage. Beds and Bucks temporary storage. Perfect for when your business relocates, renovates or downsizes

Opening Times:
Mon-Sat:               08.30 – 17.00
Sun & Bank Hols:   10.00 – 14.00
Out of hours access available



  • To comply with legislative requirements to retain records, the Inland Revenue and professional bodies require that records are kept for specific time periods. Storage provides a means of legal compliance, litigation protection and staves off fines, penalties and resultant bad publicity
  • See our dedicated Archive storage Bedfordshire; Archive storage Hertfordshire; Archive storage Buckinghamshire
  • Confidential files or computer records, you may wish to keep off site or under lock and key as part of a disaster recovery plan
  • Please feel free to peruse our document retention guidelines
  • Bedfordshire file storage Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire file storage



  • A flexible extra stockroom pre- or post- sales
  • Seasonal stock e.g. lawnmowers, sun shades, umbrellas, bar-b-q’s, sun chairs, snow shovels, de-icers
  • Valuable but occasional use items such as exhibition or Display Materials
  • Bulky seasonal decorations; Easter, Halloween, Christmas
  • Commercial storage Hertfordshire; commercial storage Bedfordshire; commercial storage Buckinghamshire
  • See our dedicated page – warehouse space


General Business Use

  • A regional base for sales representatives operating in the Beds, Bucks & Herts areas; ideal as a small storage & distribution centre
  • A physical warehouse and distribution centre for eBusinesses and Ebay shops
  • Market traders and car-booters; stock, stalls, equipment, display gear
  • Secure lock-ups for tradesmen who have had their vans broken into once too often
  • Beds Records storage Bedfordshire, Bucks Records storage Buckinghamshire, Herts Records storage Hertfordshire


Disaster Recovery

  • Hertfordshire disaster recovery, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire disaster recovery solutions. Back-up those valuable documents or computer records at our Leighton Buzzard commercial storage facility or our Letchworth commercial storage facility as part of a planned or impromptu disaster recovery plan
  • Store critical computer records off-site
  • Keep confidential files away from prying eyes in the office
Disaster Recovery Hertfordshire

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