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Document Storage Stevenage
File Storage Stevenage
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Low price File Storage Stevenage

Searching for document storage Stevenage? At our storage warehouse in Letchworth we offer guaranteed low prices. It is cheap because it is a no frills service. If you are seeking a place which is robot operated, where every box is bar coded and with retrieval and delivery services then we are not for you. If however, you want secure but cheap document storage Stevenage, then look no further .

We do not compromise on security. Indeed it is our principal company concern, as suggested in our company name. Our Hertfordshire storage warehouse is protected by sophisticated NSI (gold) approved security systems and at night the system is monitored by Redcare. All our storage units are constructed with steel partitioning and doors.

Secure Document Storage Stevenage

Unlike container storage and some older self storage facilities, each unit in the Secure-store is individually alarmed with every opening and closing of  unit doors automatically recorded in Reception. If your unit door is opened without the correct PIN authorisation, an alarm will go off in Reception.

Some facilities use CCTV cameras with time delays or 5 second gaps. Our cameras are either movement sensitive or run continuously 24 hours a day. These are mounted both internally and externally.

Does this look familiar?

Secure Fie Storage Stevenage
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Secure Archive Storage near Stevenage

Choose a room that is perfect for your needs. We ordinarily charge by the room size but can price per archive box, or per pallet, if you prefer.

There are more than 400 rooms of various sizes, from a 10 square foot cupboard up to a 1,500 square foot area. We can also create Stevenage file storage units in sizes to suit you, so we can cater for all needs.

We provide trolleys and sack trolleys to make life easier. We have a large parking and delivery area and provide sack trolleys and carts / trolleys to help you move things about.

If you would like, we can arrange a local service provider to collect and store your documents, files, records and / or archive boxes for you. Most of our customers bring their goods along themselves. However,  should you require a lot of files to be moved we have excellent relations with local firms who could provide a very good price for the process.

Low Cost File Storage Stevenage

We are only 6 miles or 15 minutes drive away. If you think how long it takes to drive across Stevenage itself with the traffic, you can see that we are probably only another 10 minutes journey for you. For the likely cost savings you will make, that has got to be worth an enquiry at least. We also provide household and furniture storage near Stevenage.

Document Storage Near Stevenage  Address: The Secure-store, 1 Works Road (corner of Pixmore Ave), Letchworth SG6 1FR