Hitchin Workshop To Rent

Hitchin Workshop To Rent
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Workshop To Let Hitchin

Hitchin Workshop To Rent. Are you looking for a small commercial unit or workshop to let near Hitchin? Our Business Centre is only 4 miles away. We offer a number of advantages. A variety of room sizes, inexpensive rent and flexibility over your length of stay.

Are our rents inexpensive because we are tucked away in some tatty old Victorian building or in some remote rural location? No. We are located in the heart of the premier commercial area of Letchworth.

Hitchin Workshop To Rent

Many small businesses often find that Hitchin workshops to rent are actually too big for their needs. We offer a variety of small commercial units to let from 150 to 1,000 square feet. We are happy to admit we are appealing to business start ups and small business owners.

Indeed, we are actually possibly able to build a unit to your exact requirements. We are not offering a lot of bells and whistles. We aim to keep the rent down and so offer a very simple proposition. Your own private Hitchin commercial unit to let, with lighting and electric sockets.

Hitchin Workshop To Let
Small Workshop To Rent Hitchin
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Commercial Unit To Let Hitchin

The lease for a standard Hitchin commercial unit to let is typically at least one year in length. Often it is 3-5 years. We offer far more flexible terms. You can stay for as long as you like and merely give one month’s notice, to leave. This type of flexibility is essential for small businesses. No one wants to be tied into a long lease which restricts your mobility.

The next flexible feature we offer is unit size. You can increase or decrease your unit to suit your business needs, if space is available. Again, you do not want to be caught on a long lease with no flexibility.

Of course if you are actually looking for storage facilities then you can forget the old style Hitchin lock up garages and experience our dry, secure modern Hitchin storage units.

Secure Industrial Unit To Rent Near Hitchin

So how much does it cost? To be honest it depends on when you want to start. The size of unit you require and how long you wish to stay for. We charge a licence fee (‘rent’) on a 4 weekly basis, in advance. You have your own elctricity meter and pay for what you use.

There is no service charge on top. So no ‘hidden extras’ for garden maintenance. Gates or lifts servicing, buildings management or any other little costings. The other massive benefit is that you do not pay council tax.

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Artist's Studio To Rent Near Hitchin

Hitchin Workshop or Studio to Rent

Another issue to consider, when considering a commercial unit to let near Hitchin is repairs. Standard commercial leases often include a repair and reinstatement clause. These can be very onerous. You do not want to be charged serious costs by the Freeholder for reinstating the building when you leave. We do not impose these clauses.

Deciding where you wish to base your business is a big decision. Why not take out 30 minutes to pop over and check out, for yourself, what we can offer you.

Commercial unit to let Hitchin

Hitchin workshop to rent

Secure Commercial Unit to Let Hitchin