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How can the Secure-store provide you the furniture or personal storage space you require?

Easy, the Secure-store has hundreds of storage units of different sizes available for you to move straight into. Why does that matter? Because unlike the old fashioned shipping containers, or removal company wooden crates, it means you can choose the storage unit size that is perfect for you.

Does that matter? Yes because it means you only pay for what you need. It also means you can easily move into a bigger or smaller storage unit if your needs change. Plus, you can store what you want, for as long as you want.

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Why do people require personal storage units?

For a whole variety of reasons:

  • Selling up? Sold your Home? Our customers primarily use us when they have secured a sale on their home. Maybe they have even yet to buy another home they do not want to lose that sale. Customers therefore temporarily park their possessions before moving on.
  • De-cluttering. A lot of people also take the advice of sales agents and de-clutter their homes to make them look more attractive to buyers.
  • Moving abroad. Temporary or longer term assignments abroad do not justify shipping all your personal effects, particularly furniture. You also want to have something to come back home to, so that on arriving back in Britain you can quickly create a homely feel by bringing your things out of storage.
  • Lifestyle choices: Want to reclaim rooms or the garage and actually use them for what they were intended for? With the cost of house these days, people often undervalue some rooms and are delighted once they decide to get personal storage and liberate those spaces.
  • Divorce and separations. An unfortunate and difficult situation can be eased by having a secure home for your possessions whilst you sort out the important things.
  • Sports gear. We have had fishermen’s equipment, canoes and kayaks. As well as go-karts and off road bikes. Even model aeroplanes, bicycles and many more. We also often store personal effects and much loved props and equipment for charities. Also for clubs, choral groups, acting societies and church groups.
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“We had never used a storage facility before and so were unsure of the whole process. Luckily we need not have worried as the staff were nothing short of excellent. We were advised on the best size storage unit and even given a recommendation for a removals guy who also turned out to be fantastic. The facility itself is of a very high standard – spotlessly clean, well maintained with top notch security. There is never a problem when you need to access your unit and if you suddenly find you need more space the Manager is on hand to make it all go smoothly.”

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