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Small Commercial Units To Let Berkhamsted

Workshop to rent Berkhamsted – Are you searching for a workshop to let near Berkhamsted? As you will quickly find, there is a distinct lack of small, secure workshops to rent in Berkhamsted but there is, just 13 miles down the road in Leighton Buzzard. Plus, just as the house prices are considerably cheaper further out from London, you will be pleasantly surprised by the lower costs of workshop rental out here too.

We specialise in the provision of small industrial units of 150 – 1,000 square feet, or bigger if you need it. We offer compact, secure units that are perfect for a small business or new start-up. Are we inexpensive because we are in some rural backwater or tatty old Victorian building? No, the units are within a large modern warehouse, in the premier commercial area of town.

Berkhamsted Workshop Rental

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  • Telephone now – 01525 219899
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  • Visit Us at The Secure-store, Grovebury Rd, Leighton Buzzard LU7 4SQ

Opening Hours – Workshop to Rent Berkhamsted:

Mon – Sat 08.30 – 17.00, Sun & Bank Hols 10.00 – 14.00

Plus Out of Hours access can be arranged for workshop customers

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Typical Commercial Terms for a Small Workshop To Rent near Berkhamsted:

A typical light industrial warehouse in Berkhamsted is usually quoted in a basic per calendar month (pcm),  or annual rental figure. Often this looks, at first glance, reasonably attractive. If that were the actual price you paid, you would might even be reasonably satisfied. The problem is that it usually only tells part of the story.

In reality, almost every commercial contract for a cheap workshop to let in Berkhamsted will tie you into a long lease. You might be fortunate and find a commercial Landlord that is willing to offer a one year lease but that might be simply because they have development plans for the land or buildings.

Industrial Units To Rent Berkhamsted

Flexible Lease Terms for Warehouse Space near Berkhamsted:

At the Secure-store, we offer far more flexibility than a traditional lease. Our minimum stay is four weeks. This means that you are not tied into a lengthy lease and obligated to keep paying that rental and associated costs until you find a new sub-lessee (who is acceptable to the Landlord) should you wish to move.

Of course, should that sub-tenant themselves move out, you are still normally contractually bound to continue paying the original lease you signed up to. So why not consider one a workshop to rent near Berkhamsted.

This page outlines our workshop / commercial unit opportunities. If you actually want our self storage Berkhamsted page, then click the link.

Secure Workshop to Rent Berkhamsted

How much does it cost for a Workshop To Rent near Berkhamsted? In all honesty it depends on the size of the unit you require. When you wish to start. If you are prepared to pay more in advance. What you wish to do and how long you want to stay for. The best thing is to give us a call on 01525 219899 and arrange a time to come along and visit. You can then see exactly what is available in terms of floor area, services, yard area etc.

We can then find a suitable unit for you and provide you a tailor-made price. We deliberately do not provide meeting rooms, a cafeteria, copying services or any other concierge service because that lets us keep our costs down. We will of course, take in post or deliveries for you and direct your guests to your unit.

Berkhamsted Workshop For Rent

We only have two charges for our workshop to rent Berkhamsted. The monthly licence fee (rent) and electricity. With electricity you pay for what you use. Each workshop is individually metered so both parties have complete transparency on costs. We charge you the same rate we pay. We do not add on any extras or mark up. This is the simplest and fairest way and that is what we are all about.

Of course if you actually only want to store off-site, archive, document and file storage near Berhamsted then please click the dedicated page, Berkhamsted file storage.

Commercial Units To Rent Berkhamsted

The other big advantage of our commercial units to let near Berkhamsted is what we offer in terms of flexible space. You can start with maybe 200 square feet and scale up to 1,500 square feet, or more, should your business need to expand. Equally, you can reduce down your space, if circumstances change.

Unlike a traditional, inflexible lease you can tailor your space to suit your business needs. You can do this whenever you want and as many times as you like. After all, you may not want to be forced to move further afield because your business is growing or you wish to slow down a little.

Workshop To Let Berkhamsted

Those Hidden Extras (We do not charge) If you choose to take advantage of our offer of a small workshop to let near Berkhamsted you will want to know about possible hidden extras. Most importantly, there is no council tax. It is all catered for within the monthly charge. Equally there are no costs for water bills. We do not provide telephone landlines as we are seeking to keep costs to a minimum and this is the 21st Century and all business people have a mobile phone.

We also do not charge for ‘service charges’. Service charges, such an innocent sounding phrase and yet it can encompass any number of extra costs. Rather than discuss all the ‘little extras’ and peripheral costs that you might be looking at with a typical commercial lease on a small warehouse to rent near Berkhamsted, it is probably easier to simply list what we do not charge for.

Workshop To Rent Berkhamsted

Now most companies would try and get you to say ‘yes’. We want you to say ‘no’.

  • No long lease as in most property rental agreements for commercial units to let near Berkhamsted
  • Nil or No 3 month rental deposit to a Landlord, on top of your rent, tying up your valuable capital
  • Zero or No payment of 3 months rental in advance – a fairly standard commercial lease term
  • Zilch or No surveyors costs to check out the building. Why? well because of the next issue
  • No costly building works to ‘repair and reinstate’ at the lease end. You may even find some leases expect you to contribute to the costs of ongoing maintenance to the fabric of the buildings and grounds
  • Zero or No lawyers fees to create a lease, sub-lease or change a rental agreement – something that is imperative if you are signing up to a normal commercial lease.
  • Another No for the need to pay the bank’s lawyers fees too, in addition, to add insult to injury
  • No rates (Council tax) bills at possibly 30-40% of your rent
  • There is No gas or water bills, subject to standard usage
  • Nix or No need for buildings insurance for this secure workshop to rent Berkhamsted
  • No outlay for security costs as there are internal and external CCTV cameras running 24 / 7
  • Remember No ‘service charges’. That innocent sounding, but often so expensive phrase which can cover all sorts of things like gardening and fence painting, which you would never normally contemplate when signing a lease
  • There is No fixed size space, with no flexibility to increase or reduce
Small Commercial Units To Let Near Berkhamsted
Workshop to let Berkhamsted
Council Tax can be another 40% of your Rent.
It is not applicable here.
It is your choice