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Workshops To Let Near Aylesbury

Are you searching for an Aylesbury workshop to rent? Is everything on offer too big and therefore too expensive? We can provide small commercial units to rent near Aylesbury in Leighton Buzzard. Which is just 10 miles down the road. These units range in size from 200 – 2,000 square feet. Additionally we can possibly tailor a unit to your exact requirements.

These workshops to rent near Aylesbury are not set in some rural backwater or tatty old Victorian building. They are located within a large modern warehouse. In the middle of Leighton Buzzard’s most prestigious commercial estate. Therefore they are perfect for a small business start up. Or possibly for an independent trader seeking to keep costs down.

We also provide a lot of different sized storage units please see self storage Aylesbury.

Small Industrial Units to Let Near Aylesbury

These Aylesbury workshops to rent are ideal for a small distribution operation. Or possibly for light industrial use. All these storage units are set within a secure, modern warehouse. That means wide, well lit corridors. Please note that both inside and outside the building there are high definition CCTV cameras. Also, each Aylesbury workshop rental unit is individually alarmed. The whole building is also linked to a Redcare monitoring system.

Typically a commercial lease would be at least a year for a small warehouse near Aylesbury. In addition, it is fairly standard to charge 3 months deposit and 3 months rental in advance. Therefore you might find an Aylesbury workshop to rent where the rent seems reasonable at first hand. If that were the actual price you paid, you may well be interested. Unfortunately, there are normally ‘hidden’ extras which will make that price jump.

Aylesbury Workshop To Rent

How much does our workshop to rent near Aylesbury cost? In all honesty, the price depends on the size of the unit and the likely length of stay. Also, when you wish to start and what you intend to do. The best thing is for you to pop along and see the Secure-store for yourself. Come and check out the security, the yard area, the parking and the services we provide. We can then discuss your specific space requirements.

However to give you an idea. A 180 sq.ft Aylesbury workshop to rent is £65 per week + VAT. Whereas a 200 sq.ft. unit is £70 pw + VAT. Electricity is charged at the arte we pay our utility provider, currently 14.5p per KWh plus a £2 per week standing charge which also includes their climate change levy.

Small Warehouse Units Aylesbury
Paying Council Tax?

Workshop Unit To Rent Aylesbury

“Don’t worry, Be Happy”.  On our commercial units to rent near Aylesbury it is important to note that there is no council tax for you to pay. With business rates sometimes running at 40% of typical rent, that is a major saving. Additionally, there are no ‘service charges’. That wonderful catch-all phrase that Landlords often use to catch the unwary. Be happy or be frustrated – it is your choice.

Should you require it, we also provide archive files and document storage Aylesbury. Please click the link for more details.

Aylesbury Workshops To Let
Not Paying Council Tax

Commercial Units To Rent Near Aylesbury

The other major benefit is the flexibility on offer. Firstly, unlike long traditional leases that are usually between 1- 5 years, our Licence agreement is on a rolling monthly contract. That means you can walk away whenever you like with just 30 days notice. With such flexibility you can even avoid the cost of hiring lawyers which you would need to do with a long term lease.

Another major benefit of our flexibility relates to unit size. To suit your business needs, you can increase or decrease the amount of space you rent. Unlike the traditional lease which is for a set period and a specific building. You can up-scale or down-size by moving units. This means you can quickly adjust to new business opportunities. Or maybe cut back a little should you wish to. All small businesses need to watch costs and this flexibility protects your bottom line.

Workshop To Rent Near Aylesbury

We try and keep it simple and inexpensive. Please note that there is a monthly rental which encompasses everything except electricity. Each Aylesbury workshop rental unit has it’s own electricity meter. That means that you only pay for what you use. You are charged this at the same rate that we pay, as we are not trying to profit from this. You also do not pay for water rates, security charges or buildings insurance. Sounds good? It gets better.

Aylesbury Workshop To Rent
Beware Costs on a Small Warehouse to Let Aylesbury

Finally, a major potential cost saving is that there is no ‘repair and reinstatement’ clause, as found in many standard commercial leases. This is best summed up by Stuart Brown, Senior Building Surveyor of Robinson & Hall.

“It is surprising how many tenants enter into a full repairing lease without appreciating that, irrespective of current condition, they will be responsible for the cost of rectification at the end of the lease”.

Deciding on where you are going to locate your business is a big decision. So surely it is worth popping over to Leighton Buzzard to at least see what we have to offer you. Why wait? Seize the moment.  Contact us and get a free quote for your Aylesbury Workshop To Rent.