Declutter in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Declutter your home; create more space by storing some of your possessions at the Secure-store. Perfect when selling your home or for just enjoying it more. We discuss the 2 main reasons why you may well wish to declutter:

  1. Decluttering your home to sell more quickly
  2. Create more space to enjoy your home more

1/ Declutter Your Home For Selling

It is almost the simplest trick in the book but it is amazing how effective decluttering can be when it comes to making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

When potential buyers come and look around your home they are trying to envisage how it would suit them. They are visualising themselves and their furniture in that space. If the room they are looking at is bursting at the seams with furniture, books, toys and knick-knacks their immediate assumption will be that it is a small room and barely able to cope with it’s purpose.

If you remove a lot of those things and put them into storage, the buyers will not now any different. All they will see is a lot more space and that is instantly more appealing.

De-cluttering in Letchworth, Hitchin and Baldock

Are you dreaming of more space? We can help you.

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Some people can simply look at the practical aspects but many people are seeking inspiration. They might be looking for the perfect bolt hole, somewhere to raise their family, to down-size to or simply to live quietly; but one thing everyone wants is to maximise the space they can get, in that location, for their money.

Of course it is all smoke and mirrors. If you take a room that is choc-a-bloc with everyday items and completely empty it, it will look bigger. Of course it is the same room but the minds eye can be fooled. It is rarely practical to remove everything as you will need to continue living there but you can achieve a very clever compromise by simply tidying away as many non-essential items as possible. We should at this stage state unashamedly that we are principally here to help people in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire declutter.

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How much does it cost to declutter in Letchworth and Leighton Buzzard?

Our storage rooms range in price from £5 – £100 per week. For £25 you can get an enormous amount of excess furniture and general possessions into storage. Think about it. Your house is on the market for 10 weeks. 10 x £25 = £250.

The average selling price in the UK is around £205,000. You may be prepared to accept an offer of 10% off – £20,500. Even 5% off is £10,250. It suddenly puts that £250 into perspective.

The 2 x big advantages are that you may well actually sell your home more quickly and achieve the asking price you want. It is the classic case of investing a little to achieve a whole lot more.

2/ Declutter Your Home and Create More Space

What do we all want more of? Many people will answer that it is money. However if you think deeply about it, the two things we all actually want are more space and time to enjoy our lives. At The Secure store we can actually help you obtain one of these very easily and relatively inexpensively.

At heart we all like a simple relaxed life but some times we cannot see the wood for the trees. Your home is a very big part of your life. It may well be the single biggest investment and / or cost in your life. It is where you sleep, eat and relax so it is very important part of you. The problem is, as we go along in life we pick up all sorts of bits and pieces. What starts off as a comfortable living space quickly becomes cramped and a less enjoyable place to be.

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Management consultants, psychologists and life coaches all encourage their clients to understand what is important and then try and remove the unnecessary extra baggage. Decluttering a home has the same effect. You remove all the extra clutter and suddenly have a lot more space to enjoy your home again. Physical obstacles can actually be mentally draining. We all operate and think better when we can move about more freely.

Can you afford it? Well it is all about perspective. It takes a little lateral thinking. A bit like the fact that you might work in London but live out in the Home Counties and commute in. By so doing you are getting London wages but not paying London house prices. Yes the commute is expensive but it is still way cheaper than living in London and the money saved means you can buy or rent a far bigger home.

Decluttering in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire

To get more space you can buy or rent a bigger home. However by storing your excess possessions away you can create more space, a lot more cheaply than by moving to a more expensive home. At The Secure-store, we do not try and be all things to all men but we can offer cheap storage in Herts, Beds and Bucks and in particular for those people living in or near Leighton Buzzard and Letchworth.

What does that mean for you? It means you can bring whatever you need to store along to one of our two storage warehouses and lock it safely away. You can start and leave whenever you like. There are no long leases. You only pay for the space you use and you can store almost anything.

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