File Storage Dunstable

File Storage Dunstable

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Cheap Document Storage Dunstable

File storage Dunstable. The Secure-store storage warehouse is ideal for document, records and archive storage and is just 7 miles up the road in Leighton Buzzard. There may indeed be alternatives locally which are closer to you. However we are almost certainly have lower prices. Plus you will probably not need access every day so the cost savings will be worth it.

File storage Dunstable

Why do we offer such cheap rates? Two reasons:

(1) Because we really like file storage customers. In all honesty, they are very little trouble and so we are prepared to reward that with low prices.

(2) Because we offer a no frills service. If you want a fully automated warehouse with robots retrieving bar coded boxes then we are not for you. If however, you are happy to simply store your archive boxes and records in a typical storeroom. Then sit back and enjoy the considerable cost savings. Well, we could be a perfect solution for you.

Disaster Recovery Dunstable

Let us not be too dramatic. The chances of a devastating fire or gas explosion at your place of work are low. However, sometimes these things do happen. Prudent management should at least consider the possibility.

We are not advocating anything complex or expensive. Just a simple, low tech solution by storing off site.

records storage Dunstable
Off Site Storage for Dunstable

Do you want to keep confidential documents confidential? Possibly your payroll records, sales campaigns or corporate finance files. Why not simply remove the temptation off site.

The records will always be there if you need access. Meanwhile you can sleep a little better knowing that they are securely stored away in an anonymous warehouse, away from prying eyes.

document storage Dunstable
Archive Storage Dunstable

Secure File Storage Dunstable

To be honest, you can store a lot more than file boxes and records at our self storage warehouse. You can actually store just about anything you want. So that includes excess office furniture and rarely used marketing materials. Indeed almost anything that is not used on a daily basis can be stored off site.

The big advantage for any organisation is that the archive boxes can be stacked high into one of our storage units. That means you can free up a lot of space in your business premises. Undoubtedly your fixed office costs such as rental, council tax and utilities will be quite costly.

You can be assured that you will be paying considerably less for your file storage Dunstable units. Why not take the opportunity to maximise the use of all that space you free up. If you are interested in storing personal effects, see furniture storage Dunstable.

Secure Archive Storage Dunstable

The low price is not the only benefit. The fact is that you can start storing and finish whenever you want. Unlike commercial leases, there is no 3, 6 or 12 month lease contract. In fact, if you pay for 28 days and leave after 23 days, you get reimbursed the 5 unused days. Why? because that is fair and the way all property rentals should be.

Another big advantage is that you can also vary how much space you have. If you want to increase or decrease your space, you can whenever you like. After all, your circumstances may change. You therefore do not want to be stuck on a contract for a Dunstable document storage unit that is either too big, or too small.

We guarantee low prices because we price check against our competitors. If however you do find a cheaper alternative quote from a comparable Dunstable self storage warehouse just bring it along the written quote. We will beat it. Why? because we really want your file storage Dunstable business.

Cheap File Storage Dunstable
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