Furniture Storage Hitchin

furniture storage Hitchin

Furniture Storage Hitchin

Are you searching for furniture storage Hitchin? The Secure-store is ideal for all your personal possessions, goods or chattels (if you prefer to be a bit more formal). Our modern self storage units are just 4 miles away in Letchworth.

The key thing that we can offer you is flexibility.

  1. You can store what ever you want – within reason
  2. You can stay for as long as you want and leave whenever you wish, subect to just seven days notice

Cheap Furniture Storage Near Hitchin

People store for many different reasons. Major life changing moments such as marriage, divorce, separation or the loss of a loved one. Moving abroad for a new life or perhaps for a a few years with a new job. Down-sizing and / or storing children’s things when they move out. Or perhaps simply storing certain items because you simply do not have enough room.

However we also have a lot of people that store when they are moving house. An increasingly popular idea is decluttering. Popping your goods into storage briefly to create more space in your home whilst you sell it. The more obvious use is for storing your furniture whilst you wait to move into uour new home.

You can start storing and finish whenever you want. Unlike flat rentals, there is no 3, 6 or 12 month lease contract. In fact, if you pay for 28 days and leave after 23 days, you get reimbursed the 5 unused days. Why? because that is fair and the way all property rentals should be.

Secure Household Storage Hitchin

We do not compromise on security. Indeed it is our principal company concern, as suggested in our company name. Our document storage warehouse is protected by sophisticated NSI (gold) approved security systems and at night the system is monitored by Redcare. All our storage units are constructed with steel partitioning and doors.

You can also vary how much space you have. If you want to increase or decrease your space, you can whenever you like. After all, your circumstances may change and you do not want to be stuck on a contract for a Hitchin furniture storage unit that is either too big, or too small.

We have more than 400 rooms of various sizes, from a 10 square foot cupboard up to a 1,500 square foot area. We can also create room sizes to suit you, so we can cater for all needs. For each customer we tailor a specific agreement.

Self Storage Hitchin

We guarantee low prices because we price check against our competitors. If however you do find a cheaper alternative quote from a comparable self storage we will beat it. Just bring along a written quote. Choose a room that is perfect for your needs.

Most of our customers bring their goods along themselves but should you require help, we have excellent relations with local firms who could provide a very good price for the house moving process.

We provide trolleys and sack trolleys to make life easier. We have a large parking and delivery area and provide sack trolleys and carts / trolleys to help you move things about.

“The all in price with no added extras was excellent. The staff were flexible and courteous.”

Paul Webster

Furniture Storage Near Hitchin

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Furniture Storage Hitchin

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