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Looking for cheap garage storage in Bedfordshire?  Do you have a picture in mind. Well constructed walls and roof. Clean and dry interiors. Good solid tarmac ground outside. Happy smiling neighbours who look out for your property.

Ah if only that was the reality. Unfortunately it is not. The common problem is that most lock up garages are magnets for thieves. Most garages are easy to break into with a simple crowbar. Suddenly your dream of garage storage in Bedfordshire has turned sour. That is also without mentioning the other common issues of muddy uneven ground. Also a lack of lighting at night, vandalism, graffiti and even arson.

Lock Ups To Rent Bedfordshire

The fact is that you can get cheap garage storage in Bedfordshire. The real question is whether it is worth it. A cheap shirt from a market stall may be a steal at five pounds. However if the colours run and it shrinks after just one wash, was it worth it? If you have goods worth storing. They must be worth storing securely. Otherwise you are simply wasting your hard earned cash.

The Theory

Garage To Let Bedfordshire
Good access, Fresh paint

The Reality of Traditional Garage Storage Bedfordshire

Garage Security Bedfordshire
Dodgy or ineffective security
storage garage Letchworth
A target for vandals
Storage Garage Leighton Buzzard
Costly Repairs
Storage Garage Baldock
Asbestos roofs are common

Secure Garage Storage Bedfordshire

Fortunately, there is a modern alternative. Secure storage rooms in a self storage warehouse. There are a whole range of sizes so you can choose a room size to suit your needs. Every customer has their own individual room which is made of steel partitions and has a steel door. Plus each room is inside, away from prying eyes, vandals and the wind and rain.

Plus each storage unit is independently alarmed. Each customer is provided with their own unique access PIN code. This means that we can monitor anytime the door is opened. This is coupled with the customer’s own padlock. This means that only you or your trusted family member, friend or work colleague can access your room.

Bedfordshire Garage Storage

Additionally there are wide well lit corridors and a Manager on site to answer queries. There are high resolution CCTV cameras both internally and externally. This means we can watch over customers and their goods as we want you to feel as safe as your possessions.

Also remember that there is no council tax pay which can be a considerable cost. Additionally there are none of the usual ‘hidden extras’ that come with renting commercial space. So say no to full repairing and insuring leases. Forget a typical 3 months deposit and 3 months payment in advance. Customers can avoid security costs. There are no gas or water bills. Importantly there is no crippling ‘repair and reinstatement’ clauses. Finally there are no ‘service charges’. That innocent but often expensive little clause that ends up costing you.

Garage Storage Bedfordshire
Clean, dry, indoors and secure

Opening Times for Garage Storage Bedfordshire

Monday – Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm

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“The whole experience was first rate and made very straight forward by the staff. It was very convenient to get in and out easily as I was under time pressure to move my stuff.”                     David Utting, Leighton Buzzard

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