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Hitchin Garage To Rent Letchworth, Baldock, Arlesey, Shefford & Stotfold

Garage storage Hertfordshire? You probably have in mind a good old fashioned lock up garage. Clean, secure, well built, solid roof, good tarmac outside.

You probably want a secure storage unit to lock away something valuable. After all, why would you pay to store something if it is not actually worth anything. And of course, you want it cheap. That ladies and gentlemen is the real issue.

A classic old garage with an up and over door is possibly your cheapest option. That is often for a good reason. They are usually simply not very secure. Just exactly how long do you think it would take to break into a standard lock up garage with a simple crow bar? That in a nutshell is the problem with traditional Hertfordshire garage storage. It may be cheap but it might actually be a waste of money. Does the expression chocolate teapot mean anything to you?

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Garage Storage Hertfordshire

Cheap garages are like chocolate teapots. Do not take this the wrong way, after all most of us love chocolate but it is all about value. A chocolate teapot may taste nice but it is not much use as a teapot. So do you want chocolate, or a teapot? Equally do you want to actually store something safely, or do you simply want a cheap garage?

The principal idea of renting a storage unit is to pay to store your possessions away somewhere safe. So like many business transactions it is all about money. Or more specifically, value for money. We all hate wasting our money. Cheap garages to let in Hitchin, Letchworth, Baldock etc are exactly that. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

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Just How Safe Is It?

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Garages for Storage Hertfordshire

We offer proper storage units, so technically not garage storage Hertfordshire as labelled above. However, we think you will find they are actually a lot better. After all, they are inside, so away from the wind and rain. These units are modern and clean with solid floors and walls and doors made from steel panels.

Of course, your average parade of traditional Hertfordshire storage garages will also not have CCTV cameras, an on site manager or alarms systems rigged to each individual storage unit. Apart from the enhanced security for your goods, it also means the unit will not be a target for vandals, arsonists, graffitti artists or even the more innocent use as a goal for young football players.

The Dream

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The Tatty Reality

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The Secure Alternative

Secure Lock Up Hertfordshire

It costs you nothing to find out more so why not call us today on 01462 674666 or click here to give us details as to when you would like us to call you back, at a time which suits you. Or even better, take a few moments to come and visit the store and see the difference for yourself. We are only a short drive away and we would love the opportunity to show you around and give you a no obligations quote. Whether you are a private individual, or business, we would welcome the opportunity to tailor a storage solution for you. Traditionally garage rental in Hertfordshire may have been your only option. Thankfully times have changed and there is a better, modern alternative – secure locks ups.

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