Lock Up Units Hitchin

Lock Up Units Hitchin
Dozens of Lock Ups to Choose from

Hitchin Lock Up Garages

Are you looking for lock up units in Hitchin? You may not realise it, but modern self storage warehouses have made the traditional old lock up garages almost obsolete. Nowadays there is a far superior option for you. Just down the road in Letchworth, but at the same low price.

For years one of the only options was to rent a lock up garage in Hitchin. However these were both few and far between and distinctly lacking in security. Now you have a lot more choice. You can rent a unit for just one week, or for 12 months or more. The terms are far more flexible, meaning you can come or go when you want. The choice of unit sizes is greater and the security factor is on another level entirely.

Lock Up Units To Rent Hitchin
garages to rent Hitchin
A safe environment

Hitchin Lock Up Units To Let

We pride ourselves on being a place where women feel comfortable. Some people are uncomfortable being on CCTV. Surprisingly we have found our female customers like it. Not only is there abundance of CCTV cameras running continuously. There are also well lit corridors, friendly staff and clean conditions. Our managaing Director is a woman. She feels it important that our Hitchin lock up garages are in an environment where all women will feel safe.

Another problem with traditional Hitchin lock up units is the lack of choice of unit size. Consequently customers either did not have enough room. Or that they paid too much, for space they did not need. Instead, we can offer you a vast array of sizes of lock up units. That way you can be sure that you get the size you need.

Lock Up Units Hitchin

Why pay for unnecessary storage space?  After all, the smaller the unit, the cheaper it is. We help you choose the ideal unit. You may be surprised to know that most people over-estimate the space required. As a result you may well pay less than you thought you would.

We have more than 400 rooms (or Hitchin lock ups to rent) of various sizes. Fom a 10 square foot cupboard up to a 1500 square foot area. We can also create made to measure rooms or Hitchin warehouse space to suit you. This way we can accomodate all needs.

We cater for market traders and e-bay’ers. As well as start up businesses and big name companies. We store thousands of archive boxes. Plus lots of furniture from house moves, down sizing and de-cluttering. We have stored cars, big pieces of plant and machinery. As well as pallets and sofas. In fact, you can store, pretty much what you like. When you like, for as long as you like.

Traditional Lock Up Units Hitchin
Traditional Lock Up Units Hitchin

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Lock Up Rental Hitchin

Traditional Lock Up Unit Problems

Household & Furniture Storage Units Hitchin

Hitchin Lock Up Units Rental. Nowadays you no longer need to put up with muddy yards and back alleys. Places with no hint of a CCTV camera or any ongoing maintenance. Your garage door becoming a makeshift goal for budding footballers, graffitti artists or vandals. At worse, a haven for dodgy dealers and loitering youths. Or possibly budding arsonists, drunken lovers or fly tippers. Those old style garages to rent may be cheap, but there is a reason for that.

Instead you could have a clean, dry, modern lock up to rent. Set inside a clean, purpose built warehouse away from prying eyes. Constructed of galvanised steel wall panels and doors. You fit your own padlock and the unit is also alarmed. There are both internal and external CCTV cameras. As well as staff on site, well lit corridors and external floodlights at night.

We now also provide workshops, commercial units or studios to rent near Hitchin. Please see our dedicated page, Hitchin workshops to rent.

Hitchin Lock Up Garages

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Lock Up Garage Rental Hitchin

Call us today for a free no obligation quote on 01462 674666. Or alternatively click the ‘contact us’ tab above to give us your details. We will then call you back at a time more suitable for you. Feel free to drop into our lock up garages near Hitchin. We would love to show you around.

There is a Manager on site throughout our long opening hours. They can provide assistance, monitor the CCTV cameras and provide that extra security presence. All our Letchworth and Hitchin lock up units are individually alarmed and linked to our gold standard NSI security system.

Hitchin Lock Ups To Rent

What do you need to sign up? Either a passport or picture drivers licence. Plus a utility bill as a one off need to complete the paperwork. Other than that, you simply need a padlock as you put your own padlock on and retain the keys. That way, only you have a key and have the means of entry to your individual unit. Once you are signed up, you can come and go at your leisure. What you keep in your lock up, is private.

Please remember we also provide Hitchin self storage units.

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