Mailbox Rental

Mailbox rental Leighton Buzzard

Mail Box Rental Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard Mailbox Rental

We provide a Leighton Buzzard mailbox rental service for our customers at incredibly cheap prices. Is this cheap mailbox rental? Well, our prices are roughly one third of the price of the Royal Mail service – so yes. By all means check out their prices, using the link, Royal Mail PO Boxes. Then judge for yourself. There is / was a Business in Letchworth that charged £180 (personal) or £270 (business) for a similar mailbox service. So judge for yourself if our prices are cheap.

We provide a ‘collect’ service. That means we do not ‘forward’ your post we simply put it aside as it comes in. It is then kept for you to ‘collect’ at your convenience.  For a small extra charge you can get parcels or goods, such as a TV or fridge delivered here. Surely this is better than wait in for a delivery and waste half a day (if you are lucky). Or if the parcel being delivered needs a signature and you are often out at work. We have a manned Reception desk 7 days a week. You are also welcome to telephone us and check if the parcel has arrived.

Plus there is plenty of free parking for delivery vehicles right outside our Reception. Just give the delivery service our postcode – see right hand column.

Leighton Buzzard Mailbox Rental Pricing:

We try and keep the whole process simple with a very simple pricing structure:

  • 12 months = £70
  • 6 months = £50

The whole fee is payable in advance and is non-refundable. The only extra cost would be if we are obliged to pay ‘extra postage’ for an item of mail for you. Should your sender not pay the appropriate postage cost.

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More of those pesky Terms & Conditions for Mailbox rental Near Leighton Buzzard
  • You formally consent we can sign and receive post on your behalf and that you will indemnify us for any costs associated with receipt of any illegal items on your behalf.
  • The service is unavailable on days when the Secure-store office is closed. It is outside office hours. Or for days when the Royal Mail, postal or mail delivery service is not operating.
  • We reserve the right to close down the service, without notice, for any reason at any time.
  • This service does not provide or authorise you to use our address as your registered, or business address.
  • Finally, the above are just a selection of the terms. The full terms and conditions will form part of your contract and will be available to you examine prior to your signature.

Other important Leighton Buzzard Mailbox rental terms:

  • If the rental term expires and we have not heard from you to say you wish to renew . Or if you have not paid the requisite fee. We reserve the right to return the mail to the sender (if details are provided) or dispose of the mail.
  • We do not dictate how often you collect your mail. However if it has not been collected by the end of the term we reserve the right to dispose of it all. The maximum length of time of time we will keep any uncollected post is 12 months. Unless you renew your Leighton Buzzard mailbox rental.
  • To sign up we require proof of your actual address. Consequently this means copies of recent (up to 3 months old utility bills). Additionally either a passport or drivers licence with photo.
  • You warrant that you will not use the Leighton Buzzard mailbox rental service for any illegal, fraudulent or immoral purpose. Should you do this, then the Secure-store reserves the right to close down the service. There will be no refund and we will dispose of any uncollected post.