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Packing Tips from The Secure-store

Your goods are valuable, so it makes sense to pack them properly and protect them. Decent purpose made storage boxes and bubble-wrap are the smart option and lessen the chance of breakages .

  • Create a ‘portable packing kit’. A good start would be a marker pen, parcel tape and labels. Plus scissors, screwdrivers & tape measure. Then take it with you as you pack.
  • All fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, and clearly labelled as ‘fragile!’ Equally heavy boxes should be marked as such. Remember books are heavy!
  • Drain, defrost, clean and then dry: freezers, washing machines and fridges prior to moving. If you do not, you may see mould forming when you come back to retrieve them.
  • Gas and electric cookers can usually be easily disconnected but use professional advice if you are not sure.
  • Bedding & clothing. It is good advice to not store in plastic bags because they can sweat and mould may form. However a good new idea which is becoming increasingly popular is the use of vacuum storage bags. If not, use storage boxes and insert a moisture absorber. Remember, you can pack these back inside the wardrobes, chests of drawers and cupboards, once they are moved into your personal storage unit. However, be sure to transport the furniture empty.
  • More valuable clothes can be stored in our specially designed clothes storage boxes with hanging rails to prevent creasing .
  • Also wrap pictures and mirrors individually in bubble wrap. Mark as fragile and stack on end. If you wish you can possibly use towels to protect them.
  • Clean and lightly oil all garden and DIY tools and equipment before packing. Also, tie tools and long handled items together where possible e.g. forks, spades, hoes.

More Packing Tips for House Moves

  • Clearly mark china and glass as fragile and set aside for special attention. Our packing tips here are to point them out to the removals men. Maybe better still, transport these ‘fragile boxes’ yourself in your own car. That way you can be assured they will remain safe and sound.
  • Remember to put lighter items at the top of the boxes.
  • Plates should be stored on their sides.
  • Table lamps should be wrapped and placed in boxes. Many people fall into the mistake of wrapping the shades in newspaper, but please do not do this as it can mark.
  • Books – store them flat to protect the spines. Always use smaller size moving boxes because books can be seriously heavy.
  • Disassemble large furniture. Place all loose items in a bag and tape it to the item on a non-visible part, to avoid damage. Place corrugated card around table and chair legs.
  • Computers and electrical items store in the original packaging. If this is not available, carefully wrap them and remove any batteries.
  • Remove bags from vacuum cleaners. There maybe bugs in there that decide to mate and multiply. Not something you want to come back to!

Packing Tips from The Secure-store

Another really helpful tip is to have an ‘essentials’ box. Keep a kettle, mugs, milk, tea or coffee and sugar. Alternatively soft drinks or water in plastic bottles. A few snacks can also work well. Also, pens, paper, marker pens and packing tape. label all boxes on 2 or more sides.

Packing Tips – A slightly more off beat idea is to take a few electric light bulbs and toilet rolls. If you are moving house it is amazing how many people remove light bulbs before they leave the house they sold. Rather than stumble around in the dark, simply take a few spare light bulbs. Similarly for toilet rolls. That is one thing you really do not want to be without late at night.

Finally, box everything that you can and always fill a box, but never over-fill it. Fill void spaces. This means the box can be stacked easily, without being crushed or toppling over. Also never make it too heavy, someone has to lift it !

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