Planning a House Move

Planning a house move can be quite daunting but like most things, it gets easier once you get started. It is also not something you want to leave until the last moment as there are somethings that require a little forward thinking and others you do not want to be running around trying to find on moving day.

  • Start sorting and clearing items that you use infrequently. An attic or garage may be a good place to start; you may be surprised how long this can take. Our experience is that people are often accurate on what they have inside their homes but vary wildly in assessing what is in sheds, garages, gardens and attics.
  • Purchase some storage boxes. Whilst supermarket boxes are free, they rarely stand up to the rigours of moving or storage; they are generally a lower strength cardboard and importantly, they are all odd sizes so they do not stack easily. It really is a false economy to use unfit boxes. Using our specially designed boxes makes packing, carrying, moving and stacking easier and more efficient. The Secure-store sells strong moving boxes, flat-packed for easy transportation.
  • Start early on the garden and outside spaces. Coil up hoses. Wrap garden implements and garden gnomes inside hessian sacks or plastic bags.
  • Label all boxes clearly. Either by contents or for the destination room at the new home. We specialise in Personal Storage in Herts, Beds & Bucks.
  • Book up a removals firm, or reserve the hire of a van. Remember that Fridays and Saturdays are always busy. If required we can recommend a good local firm.
  • Register with a new school, doctor, dentist etc. if moving to a new area.
  • Contact the utility companies to advise of your moving date and to ensure a supply at your new home.
  • Identify any plants or shrubs you wish to dig up and remove.
  • Inform all important contacts of your imminent move: friends, employer, school, relatives etc. Arrange for a letter re-direction service from the Post Office.
  • Come along and visit The Secure-Store. Discuss your needs with staff; find a suitable room size; fill in the licence agreement (to save time later) and purchase the packaging materials or moving boxes you may need.

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Planning Your House Move – The day before:

  • Move your boxes into a downstairs room near the door, or the garage for easy access on moving day.
  • Double check that the van you have hired is available / the removals firm is booked for your Moving day.
  • Create an ‘essentials box’ for keys to your new home, your unit, your vehicle. Suggestions include a local area map, money, essential medication and important documents. Additionally hygiene supplies, fresh clothes, plasters and a pen and paper. Also personally transport items of particular monetary or personal value.
  • Place dustsheets on carpets. If you are tramping in and out constantly you do not want to walk dirt into the carpets or scuff floorboards.
  • Keep a written inventory of all your boxes and all large items as a minimum.

Planning your House Move – Moving Day

  • Read your utility (gas, electricity and water) meters just as you are about to leave.
  • Turn off the water at the mains. Maybe turn off the gas too – usually that means turning the lever on the gas meter down from the vertical position. Equally you may want to flick a switch on the fuse box to turn off some, or all the electric points / lights. If you are in any doubt, speak to a qualified professional.
  • If you have a burglar alarm, you may have agreed with the purchasers whether you will set it, but generally most people leave it off.
  • You may want to leave a list of useful information for the incoming buyers, such as bin collection days, local shops, the location of the water stop cock.
  • In todays more litigious world it may be prudent to take photos of the property as you leave, as proof of the condition.
Planning a House move

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Planning your move
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