Size Guide

Size Guide – How much space do I need ?

The estimates given below are for guidance only. The amount of space you need in your unit is determined by the size and shape of your possessions, as well as the way they are packed and stored. We always recommend a personal visit so that you can discuss your individual needs with our staff and not end up paying for more space than you need. However, rest assured that if you need more or less space, The Secure-store staff will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Generally speaking, the industry suggests: One bed flat – 50 sq.ft, Two bed house – 75 sq.ft, 3 Bed House – 100 sq.ft and 4 bed Home – 125 sq.ft

The Place For Space:

Remember, if your needs change, you can move either up or down in room size whenever you want, so that you always have the optimum sized room for your needs. We have 300 – 400 rooms available with lots of different sizes. That means we will be able to find a perfect room size for you. Is that important? Yes because you only want to be paying for the best room size for your needs. It is also why we like to think of The Secure-store as The Place For Space.




“What does the space look like?”

  10 sq.ft.         The old Red telephone box
   25 sq.ft.          A large broom cupboard
   65 sq.ft.          Half a standard garage
   130 sq.ft.          A standard garage


   25/50 sq.ft.     SWB Transit
   50/65 sq.ft.     LWB Transit
   80/100 sq.ft.     Luton van
   135/150 sq.ft.     7.5 tonne Lorry
   175/250 sq.ft.     Removals Lorry


   50 sq.ft.     150 boxes
   100 sq.ft.     300 boxes
   150 sq.ft.     450 boxes
   200 sq.ft.     600 boxes

A helpful guide:

50 sq. ft. = 4.645 sq. metres,  

100 sq. ft. = 9.29 sq. metres

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