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Artist'sStudio To Rent Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Workshop To Let

Are you searching for a ‘Workshop to Rent Milton Keynes’? Is everything you are looking at too big and too expensive. If you are looking for a small, inexpensive warehouse space near Milton Keynes we may be a very suitable option. Just 10-15 minutes away in Leighton Buzzard.  Our standard size workshop is 200 square feet but we can provide units from 150 – 1,000 square feet. For prices – see below.

Please note that these commercial units to let near Milton Keynes are not in some Victorian building that has seen better days, or a converted barn in a rural backwater. Our workshops are inside a modern, purpose built warehouse positioned in the premier industrial estate in Leighton Buzzard and just off the Southern ring road. Potentially a perfect solution for a new start up or small business keen to keep costs to a minimum.

Small Commercial Unit To Let Milton Keynes

These workshops to rent near Milton Keynes are set inside a clean, modern warehouse with wide well lit corridors. Please note that we take security very seriously, as denoted by our name, The Secure-store. There are external floodlights. High resolution cctv cameras both internally and externally. All the units are individually alarmed and the whole place is linked to Redcare. We are open 7 days and there is an on site manager monitoring the cameras.

Is your current Milton Keynes commercial unit rental too big? Why pay rent and rates on space you do not need if you are a start up or small lean business. We do not provide a concierge type service as we want to keep prices down but we do have a manned Reception and can take deliveries or direct guest to your workshop.

Studio To Rent Near Milton Keynes

Are you looking for a photographic or artist’s studio to rent near Milton Keynes? It depends what type of room you require. We provide offices with carpets and the finish you would expect in an office. Or more basic but bigger workshops / commercial workspaces with concrete floors. The best solution is to come on over and judge for yourself.

Each room is your own lockable space. We should state there is no good natural light and we do not allow kilns because of the fire risk. However, if light is not essential, we may well suit you.

Secure Workshop To Rent Milton Keynes

We really try to provide our customers with flexibility. Firstly with our contracts. Typically, commercial leases are granted for 3 – 5 years in the UK. This might suit big businesses but smaller operations require more flexibility. We therefore offer rolling 4 weekly licences, meaning you only have to give 30 days notice to leave.

This is a significant advantage because it is standard practice to make tenants pay rent until the end of the lease, through the courts if necessary. Another significant contract benefit is that there is no ‘repair and / or reinstatement’ clause. This may sound insignificant but often landlords compel tenants to pay heavy costs at the end of lease periods. Clauses tenants often find they are powerless to escape.

Small Warehouse to Let Milton Keynes

The next area in which we provide considerable flexibility is space. Whilst you may have already discovered that most industrial units to let in Milton Keynes are often too big. We offer a variety of workshops to rent near Milton Keynes. We may even be able to construct a space specifically for you.

The other facility we offer is the opportunity to expand or contract your space. You can move up or down a unit size, providing there is the space available, according to your business needs. This allows you to react quickly to the demands of your business, again something you could not do under the terms of standard commercial contracts.

If you are looking for a workshop to rent in Milton Keynes, it is a big financial decision. Surely it is worth investing half an hour of your time to pop over and take a look at our commercial units? Of course, if you are looking for storage space, please see the Self Storage Milton Keynes page.

Workshop To Rent Near Milton Keynes
How Much Does It Cost?

Workshop to rent Milton Keynes. How much does it cost? Well to be honest, it varies. It depends on when you want to start, how much space you require and what you want to do. There is one simple monthly licence fee / ‘rental’ charge. To provide an idea a 180 sq.ft. unit is £65 per week + VAT or a 200 sq.ft. unit is £70 per week + VAT.

The only other cost is for the electricity you use. We charge what we pay our Utility provider, currently 14.5p per KWh. Plus £2 per week standing charge which includes the climate change levy. Each unit has it’s own electricity meter.  Please note, we only charge you the same electricity unit rate we pay. We do not charge any extras or mark up.

There are no costs for water, security, buildings insurance or service charges. Service charges, that innocent sounding phrase which Landlords like to use for such items as grounds and garden maintenance, fire extinguisher servicing, external lighting, lifts and / or gates servicing. However, even with our low, all inclusive charges that is not the best thing. The best thing is that there is no council tax to pay.

Council Tax Can Be Another 40% Of Your Rent.
It Is Not Applicable Here.
Enjoy the Savings
Workshop To Rent Milton Keynes

We would love the opportunity to show you around and discuss tailoring a workshop unit near Milton Keynes for your exact needs. So please, give us a call today. 01525 219899